A dynamic Team!!!

Ipar Maquina counts on an equipment of management highly formed so much technical as
commercially with 20 years of experience in the machine tool field . Also it counts on the
collaboration of companies of the sector leaders in his fields of performance



Our facilities are located in Itziar-Deba (Guipuzcoa), whit 2.000 square meter, were whe have a big stock of used CNC machines, all this machines are revise, underpower and ready to delibery.

Ipar Group is inetgrated by three different bussines units but with the same philosophy of providing  good services to our coustomers.


Parque empresarial de Itziar

Parcela 5, subparcela 2, nave 1
TELF.+34 943 741154
MAIL: info@iparmaquina.com